The husband and wife team has lead Handyman Services to become a recognized, reputed, thriving maintenance solutions company valued by customer in Colombo and its suburbs. The duo are dedicated to providing practical, cost effective solutions to whatever needs clients may have ranging from hanging a picture frame to renovating a roof and everything else that comes in between the two ends of that spectrum. Having worked together as a volunteers on several construction projects around the Island, as well as experience gained through the business, they understand the fundamentals of construction, perspective of home owners, the needs of companies and issues of committee members in apartment buildings when it comes to maintenance, repairs and renovations. Six years of experience in successfully providing cost effective and practical solutions to clients places Handyman Services in the significant position of “reliable service provider”.

Spearheading Handyman Services is Dewappriya UsLeyanege, CEO and Founder with 18+ years of experience in the construction field. He holds locally and internationally recognized NVQ certifications in various areas of construction. Additionally, he was trained under Australian, British and US construction experts while on volunteer work. His wide range of experience, knowledge and friendly manner makes it easy for customers to explain their needs in absolute laymen terms. His vision is straightforward, “to simplify the lives of people by providing reliable and cost effective maintenance solutions”.

Inez UsLeyange, Writer/ Customer Care Expert and GM Handyman Services, brings in 20+ years of experience in customer care and public relations, as well as an excellent set of writing skills. Friendly by nature, self motivated and detail oriented, she complements the smooth management of the business and customer requests that roll in on a daily basis. Having worked more than 4 ½ years as a construction volunteer herself, on projects around the Island, she is understands customer needs needs and how to manage them best.

Company Pillars

Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude enables us and our staff to perform any task that is requested of us. Among us there is no menial labour and professional job. Every task carries equal weight and honour and is performed professionally.

Diligent and Honest

We understand that being diligent means making the best use of time. This reflects on our job and helps the client as well. Honesty is a hall mark we strive hard to maintain because clients open their homes to us.

High Standard of Conduct

Yes, we instill this in all our staff because we understand they will be working in your home, office or apartment building. The conduct of our staff is measured in how efficiently they perform tasks, their way of behaviour with the client, taking personal responsibility for the tasks assigned to them and their willingness to cooperate with requests.

Finding Joy

Ultimately it is finding joy in what we do that makes the business sustainable for us and worthwhile to you. If you are happy, that makes us happy too. We enjoy doing what we are doing and always bring in the element of joy to the work sites.